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Power of the Plus Factor

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The key to fulfill your desires, realize your dreams and find true happiness is the Plus Factor. When activated, this key motivates you to achieve good health, confidence and security.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, one of the most popular and inspirational writers of his time, explains how you can tap into this inexhaustible resource of energy and achieve your goals.

This book will teach you how to:
• Unlock your potential through creative dreaming
• Set positive goals to enrich your inner self
• Overcome setbacks by persistence and perseverance and
• Achieve your ultimate goals

Power of the Plus Factor will guide you and help you discover the joys of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Norman Vincent Peale is the internationally acclaimed author of 46 books, such as Be A Winner, Positive Living Day By Day and Six Attitudes for Winners. He was a progenitor of the theory of “positive thinking”.

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